Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl 43: Go Daddy Enhanced/Shower

Go Daddy has produced two spots for the Super Bowl, and they let you vote on which one they would air during the Super Bowl. The votes have been calculated, but the winner won't be announced until game day. Which one would you have chosen?

Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick reveals "enhancements" vs. Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick in the shower

Check out to see the ads, both TV and Internet-only versions.

Last year (or two years ago?) we were presented with similar directions. I believe it was one of the most massive cock teases in the history of this earth, with millions logging on to see some skin, only to be tortuously let down.

A proper Guru Grade will be granted once I see what happens...


againstthetide16 said...

they were both pretty crappy, as far as i'm concerned

Brian Elliott said...

I think they should show both commercials for the Super Bowl. Go Daddy will see a big increase in sales after the game this Sunday.