Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cadbury Eyebrows Dance

The Rock is so jealous of these kids. Glass and a Half Full presents this hair-raising face dance. The agency responsible is Fallon London.

The name of the song is "Don't Stop the Rock" by Freestyle.

While enjoyably fun to watch, the involvement of Cadbury is nonexistent in this ad. They just found/thought of the idea and slapped their name at the end of it. Even though it will attract the attention of the Youtube generation, I don't think there will be enough brand awareness to generate any results.

Remember that commercial with the Gorilla playing the drums for that Phil Collins song? I could have sworn it was advertising insurance or some bank, but it was for Cadbury. They need to make me remember.

Guru Grade: 5 / 10
Great for an online video, not quite so much for a TV ad.