Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scion: United By Individuality

I happen to be a moderately big fan of glitch-type music like the audio in these ads. They show samples of the car models, while sampling various music clips. The end product is a beautiful visual sound mixer. Google "Girl Talk" and check out some of his earlier stuff if you're interested in this genre of music.

The songs used in these spots are original, created by Tom Burbank of Face the Music.

The agency responsible for the ads is Attik. They selected some actual customer's cars featured in the commercials, preserving Scion's "United by individuality" tag line. For more information as well as high quality pictures and videos click here.

Once again, our friends at Imaginary Forces pop up! They were responsible for the production.

There should be one more spot featuring xD samples. I'll post a link when it surfaces.

Guru Grade: 7.5 / 10

Full Credits:
Agency: Attik, San Francisco
Creative Director/Director: Simon Needham
Associate Creative Directors: Ron Lim, Stan Zienka
Head of Production: Michele Morris
Production Company/Post Company: Imaginary Forces, Bicoastal
Director: Simon Needham @ Attik
Head of Production: Ben Apley
Art Director: Charles Khoury
Producer: Ila Talubn
Designers/Animators: Tom Allain, Clint Chang, Ko Maruyama
Editor: Justine Gerenstein
Inferno Artist: Nancy Hyland
Colorist: New Hat, Santa Monica
Colorist: Clark Muller
Executive Producer: Darby Walker
Music/Sound Design/Mix Company: Face The Music, Bicoastal
Executive Producer: Adam Joseph
Composer/Sound Designer - xB: Tom Burbank
Mixer: Tom Burbank