Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lil Wayne and Gatorade: What's G

With one of the most recognizable voices in modern day music, Lil Wayne has topped the charts and become something of a superstar. His newest venture involves a voice over for Gatorade. They're redesigning their brand and with this campaign, they seem to be making the transformation much smoother than Pepsi.

Celebrity appearances include Dwayne Wade, Serena Williams, Bill Russell, Derek Jeter, Muhammad Ali, the Jabbawokeez, Chaz Ortiz, Kerri Walsh, Misty May-Treanor, Candace Parker, and others.

I was surprised at the end of the commercial, because I was thinking they would show Weezy's face after paying so much to sign him on. I guess his unique voice was enough for them.

Some whiners out there are ragging on the spot because it comes off as rascist. There are an abundance of African Americans in the video, but that claim is a bit outrageous.

Update: Hey, just saw a predominantly white G commercial. Too lazy to list all the people though, sorry!

And as for the appeal of soccer moms, it looks like Gatorade is totally redesigning how they present themselves. They seem to be moving in the direction of the Vitamin Water demographic and out of the little league minivan age bracket.

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Anonymous said...

The first time I saw this ad, I had no idea what it was for! And as someone who doesn't know Lil' Wayne's voice, I was hopelessly lost. After a few more viewings I put it together, but I talked to others who thought it was some sort of Nike commercial.

sdrawkcabton88 said...

Ahh yes.. it does give off a Nike-like vibe.

It didn't occur to me that people wouldn't know what was being advertised.. I had seen the new "G" logo on bottles of the stuff a while back. I gotta be more aware of that next time, thanks.