Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nike Ad? Featuring Taylor Momsen

I've never heard of her before this, but she's one of the stars of Gossip Girl. I'm just about the last blog in the world to post this, but whatever.

Pretty sure it's a viral video released by Nike. I doubt that little blondie is an actual free runner, a sport which requires extremely demanding physical skills. The parkour is probably performed by a stunt woman, or just digitally enhanced.

Guru Grade: 4.5 / 10


Anonymous said...

she's also Cindy Lou Who in the grinch :)

Franz said...

@Anon, I had to look for images in Google to confirm. Haha! I couldn't believe she was Cindy Lou in that movie!

@Topic, According to an article in, a lot of people were talking about this when this video floated all over the Internet. I wonder how it affected Nike's sales.

Franz Perrigo