Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pepsi's New Logo Emerges for 2009

Alas, the updated Pepsi logo has made an appearance on national television. The spot reminds me of an iPod commercial, what with the vibrant colors and unknown (yet catchy) song.

By the way, the name of the song is Energy by The Apples in Stereo.

Personally, I think the style of this commercial is soooo 2008. Yo, howdy, aloha, konnichiwa, buon giorno, good morning/evening/day! It's time for optimism and blank blank blank blank? Come on already...

The people responsible for the ads are a graphics company called Imaginary Forces.

At the end of the commercial it directs you to, the platform for their brand relaunch. The majority of people I've talked to don't like the new logo. What do you think?

Guru Grade: 4.5 / 10