Monday, January 12, 2009

Microsoft's People Ready Campaign

With the tagline "Because it's everybody's business," Microsoft aims to share their business solutions and insights with the world. The video above appears to be a phone interview with Quiksilver's President and CEO Bob McKnight. He's a slang-talkin' surfer dude who benefits from Microsoft's business options. I like the style of these ads because they're very random and stylish. The paper cutout appearance is a fresh vision from Microsoft, whose less-than-spectacular ads from last year failed to impress.

This one features Katie Bayne, Chief Marketing Officer of Coca-Cola (North America.) Another commercial has surfaced, documenting a phone call between the unknown speaker and Bayne, watch it here.

Here we have the co-founder and chief brand architect of Method, Eric Ryan.

The people responsible for the ads are a graphics company called Imaginary Forces. They have offices in Hollywood and New York, and they also had a hand in the 2009 Pepsi Wordplay commercial. Click here to see some of their featured work.

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Anonymous said...


Love it. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Really cool ads! 1000x better and effective than Gates/Seinfeld videos.

Anonymous said...

Imaginary Forces, a motion graphic company based in LA, designed and animated these ads.

sdrawkcabton88 said...

Wow, thanks for the info! That's the kind of stuff I wish to share with the world.