Saturday, December 6, 2008

Burger King: Whopper Virgins

Hmm... Whopper Virgins. The campaign, formulated by Crispin Porter + Bogusky (the minds behind the famous "I'm a PC" commercials,) is an ode to classic experimentation. Take a society who has never eaten neither a Big Mac nor a Whopper, and ask them which one they like better. Sounds good... in theory. You see, such foreign countries generally do not have the same types of food as the good ole US of A. They don't drink Starbucks every morning, have hotdogs at baseball games, or drool over such delicious delicacies as fried Oreo's. It's safe to say their idea of what tastes "better" will not match up with our American ideal of scrumptiousness.

These ads have been receiving some criticism. People fear that the experiment is infringing upon the values and cultures of the countries included in the taste test. I think people should be mad (or entertained) by the obvious sexual connotation held within the name of the campaign "Whopper Virgins."

"The world's purest taste test results" will be revealed in the Whopper Virgins documentary on December 7th at 10 p.m. Eastern at Who wants to bet on BK?

My preference? I havn't had either in quite a while, so I'm sad to say that I don't recall the taste of either as being overly satisfying. McDonald's fries are way better though.

Guru Grade: 6.5 / 10