Thursday, December 4, 2008

Geico Caveman Needs to Evolve

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I've had it with the damn Geico caveman commercials. They were great in the beginning. I laughed and marveled at the simplicity of their humor. However, the time has come to drop it.

Have you seen the new caveman commercials? There's plenty of them... all playing off of how even the spot's star character is tired of being in the commercials. For example, the commercial where the caveman is playing a tennis match against Billie Jean King: Mr. Caveman is just chilling out, thinking he's beating her, only to realize that it was an advertising trap. Hilarious. But they don't stop there. I can think of at least 3 other commercials with the exact same premise: the one where he's on the Jumbotron as the number one fan, the one where he's on a beach and sees the plane fly over with the Geico banner, the one where he's walking along the coast and finds a Geico keychain in the sand using a metal detector...

Enough already! They should have got the hint when the TV series got cancelled before the end of its first season.

The Martin Agency, the creatives responsible for the (once) brilliant campaigns relating lizards and neanderthals to car insurance, have fallen into a slump. They need to step away from the cavemen and stop kicking a dead mammoth. To create more great Geico ads, The Martin Agency really has to realize the has-been status of the caveman, and reinvest their efforts in a new way.

And this goes for that little green gecko, too. How many more unfunny spots of the mock-nature-show host looking for footage do we have to endure? Quit it, anonymous wildlife enthusiast!

For the record, my favorite Geico character of all time is Bob Wehaddababyitsaboy.


againstthetide16 said...

geico caveman needs to evolve = hilarious

but that gecko will ALWAYS be cute. no matter what. if they just had a picture of him sitting there for 30 seconds, i would be a happy consumer.