Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Teens and Jeans: A Comparative Look at Sex in Advertising

I saw a curious correlation with these two spots. The first one is an ad for Levi's 501 jeans. I'll give some incite after the vids. Take a look.

Next up is a British public service campaign. Viewer's discretion may be advised!

Obviously the two ads are intended to produce different reactions. The first one, for the Levi's, is meant to display the excitement of a spontaneous hookup... the uncertainty, the nervous feelings, etc. The other has similar properties during parts of it, but because of the reverse chronology we see the whole picture and what can arise from such activities.

Levi's says go for it. But they don't consider the sometimes nasty side effects of a mystery bed mate. In reality, advertisement number two is much more feasible. It's not all flirting and playful Levi's removal. Some serious things can sprout from such a simple act.

I thought the PSA was another great display of the U.K.'s stellar government awareness programs. Click here to watch a brilliant campaign from a little while ago that received a lot of good feedback.