Monday, November 24, 2008

PlayStation Network T-shirt Spot

I saw this while watching 'A Colbert Christmas' last night. Pretty cool effect, but the music video for D.A.N.C.E. by Justice did it better. Anyway, nice to see PlayStation trying to incorporate community into their products, rather than just the appeal of having the priciest tech on the market.

The name of the song is "Pass It On" by Her Space Holiday. (previously unreleased)

This ad as well as others touting the "Entertainment Unleashed" motto will be running throughout the holiday season to entice buyers and make you feel bad for buying your kid a Wii instead of a PS3.

For more information and to see other PlayStation ads, click here.

Guru Grade: 7 / 10


Anonymous said...

where do I buy the song, its not on itunes Thanks Great Job on this.

sdrawkcabton88 said...

Hey thanks for reading!

Unfortunately, the song isn't available yet. You can listen to it all you want on their myspace though.

This is from their website: "since we have been getting a lot of questions about this, we thought we would put together a little bulletin. the answer is yes, the new playstation 3 commercial features the her space holiday track "pass it on" people have been asking where they can purchase the song. it is from the upcoming "boys and girls" ep, which should be out in the start of 2009. we posted the full version above. happy holidays, and please be good to each other. xo"