Monday, November 10, 2008

Cats in Advertising

We've almost come full circle, back to the times of the Egyptians. Soon we will worship cats and take direct orders from them. A curious online obsession with "lolcats" created by 4chan and icanhascheezburger has led us down this hole. Now felines have crept into advertising...

Cats are ninjas in this Toyota Corolla commercial, packed with a lil' action. If it were any other animal, you'd think it was the dumbest ad you've ever seen. But they are cats. So it is awesome. This is episode one "The Heist." There are two more coming soon.

Hubert here has lost his marbles and now dines on Whiskas cat food, prancing around the house like a four-legged tail-haver.

Some methods are less direct, like this spot for Zyrtec. Notice the menacing beast, just waiting to pounce.

Keep an eye out for more cats in advertising, and report back here. Meow.