Friday, August 22, 2008

EA Sports: Tiger Woods 09

This spot for the new video game, Tiger Woods 09, is called "Walk on Water" and there's a cameo:

Apparently in the last release of the Tiger Woods game, there was a glitch (or an option?) that allowed the player to prance on the ponds in order to hit a ball out of a water hazard. Generic gamer Levinator25 decided to showcase this feature on the most popular video hosting site in the world. Somebody must have noticed and saw a perfect opportunity for quite the clever response -- in the form of a national television commercial.

The agency responsible for the ad is Wieden + Kennedy, Portland. This spot just goes to show how popular YouTube videos have really become, and also how the world of the web can be interconnected with almost anything. This commercial is a medley of media: a TV commercial featuring an internet video advertising a video game. It really is beautifully executed and well created. Notice the sloppy camera work and simple screen text? That's not a sign of a small budget my friends... it's a play-on-looks. Brilliant work.


againstthetide16 said...

Wow that was so brilliant. I really applaud that use of the "hey-this-is-a-crappy-user-made-youtube-video" into a brilliant commercial, that, if I played video games or liked golf, would make me run out and want to buy the game, just to make Tiger Woods walk on water.
Kudos to them, but also kudos to you for continuing this blog! Love it!

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