Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GE Ecomagination

Click here to watch

Ecomagination spots have been all over Olympic coverage. It's GE's way of visually expressing what they're doing to improve the energy crisis. Their tag line "Imagination at Work" is an ideal phrase to describe the majestic commercials which they have produced. You've probably seen at least two or three of these, but keep watching and I bet you'll find a favorite.

I like how GE is taking a mundane premise, such as wind or natural gas, and turning it into a unique display of nature and innovation in technology.


Quentin Masterly said...

Wind energy is intrinsically a fascinating technology, harnessing such a ubiquitous and clean source to power our lives. One hopes GE will soon fully explore this technology's latent possibilities. You're right though, the campaign adeptly targets the masses with seamless commercials which poeticize the nearly vapid qualities of GE's mechanical engineering background. The ennui of it all seems to slowly fade away while being mesmerized by "majestic" images displayed during the commercial.