Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TBS: Very Funny Ads

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Last night, TBS aired a special called "World's Funniest Commercials 2008" hosted by Keven Nealon and his wife Susan Yeagley. Now, I am the TV ad guru, so I had to check it out... especially since one of my favorite Weeds stars was hosting. Alas, I was sorely disappointed with the presentation. The hosts failed to keep my attention with their half-witted quips and dull introductions. Then, when I visited the website (link provided above), I was appalled to see TBS trying to associate bananas with their collection of self-proclaimed "very funny" ads. Bananas are not funny. Andy Warhol would not be proud.

Some of the commercials featured were quite clever and entertaining. What I had a problem with was the show's poor attempt to award medals to the top three commercials. The Olympics are OVER. Please move on.

Bronze: Carlton Draught - Skytroop Show

Silver: Wilkinson Sword - Fight for Kisses

Gold: Rolling Rock - Foul Balls

Bronze and Silver weren't that bad. But the Gold medalist? The ad had no taste and was extremely childish. In my opinion there were superior contenders. I guess there's always next year.

In the end: some good spots, but what a terrible presentation. TBS... how about you just run Seinfeld 24/7 from now on? The world would be a better place.


brandon said...
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brandon said...

Quite an inquisitive post, I must say. Kevin Nealon is not known for his witted brass but more so for his low-brow humor, ergo: colored potty jokes. I was much preoccupied with my studies of American Literature that I missed this program, but you being the authority on such realms of interest, I'll agree. Kevin Nealon should never pose as a host.

Speaking of the Olympics, the FCC should intervene on the behalf of my sanity and discontinue these ineffectual "go world" commercials. Fuck global unity, the Chinese won... hello communist conquest (again).

Rosemary said...

Well written article.