Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Banned: LG Dare

In this new segment, I will present ads that have been banned from US television networks.
Here's one by Verizon Wireless that has been stripped from the spectrum.

Now to me this ad seemed harmless. When I first saw it I actually didn't really like it anyway. Why would you dare someone to touch something that's just out of reach of a vicious dog? If the dog wasn't on a leash, then it may have been a little more effective... And possibly more accepted by PETA.

Animal-rights activists complained that shackling up the hounds was a cruel and outdated practice that no longer should exist. They said that in the ad the pit-bulls were stereotyped as a violent breed of junkyard beasts, and that man's best friend deserves better than a backyard prison. In their defense, Verizon stated that the ad was "designed to be over-the-top, to break through the clutter and get [their] message across."

Activists Rosa Barks, Frederick Doglass, and Mahatmut Gandhi were the key players in getting the commercial removed. Canines across the globe rejoice.