Thursday, August 14, 2008

Toyota Prius: Hello George Animation

Click here to watch

Finally! A commercial that is worth my comment based solely on its awesomeness. I really love this whole futuristic new age feel that they're going for. The song is called "Ageless Beauty" by Stars.

Again? Click here to watch a higher quality, larger video. This commercial really makes me want to go out and buy a Prius. Yes, they're an ugly design. Yes, they're more trendy than Tamagotchis and bell bottoms. But, their advertising astounds me. I might have to pull a Nancy Botwin. I'd be rolling in MPG's.

This ad was created by AB5TRAX, and it's an obvious nod to the Jetsons and the father's briefcase-car (clearly indicated with the last frame where "George" has his legs up on the desk). I didn't realize the connection until I read about the ad later on, but it really is genius. I don't mind the throwback to classic cartoons at all. Next I expect them to demonstrate how fuel efficient their vehicles are by making an association with those Bedrock mobiles.