Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quantum of Solace Coke Zero Trailer

Click here to watch

The 22nd James Bond movie comes out on November 14 here in the states, and I'm super excited. I thought Daniel Craig did an excellent job in Casino Royale, this upcoming film's prequel.

This commercial displays all the great things about 007: cars, girls, excitement, and action. It looks like they took the footage and drowned it in Coke style. The smooth curves of reds and blacks exude Coca Cola. If you happen to notice anything around you, you might find that I am quite fond of these color combinations.

I guess Coke Zero is revitalizing their brand with this new campaign. I also saw them on my college campus just handing Coke Zero's out for free. Sounds good to me. I mean, who doesn't appreciate the simple joy that is a free bottle of Coke? It's a rare gift that transcends the boundaries of fiscal and monetary needs, and proceeds to fulfill the basic human emotions of compassion and happiness...