Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brylcreem: Effortless

It has been a pretty slow week, so I'm going to post something I've had lying around for awhile.

Cool tricks, huh? Any weary viewer would think that some kind of computer animation was involved in the production of the commercial, but believe it or not, it was all done in one flawless take. The skillful actor, Sam Veale, was chosen as the winner of a Myspace challenge issued by Brylcreem. And for anyone interested, the music was done by a Scottish indie group called B Raymond and the Voicettes.

Click here to watch behind the scenes of the ad

Spots like this one are the reason why I love advertising. When executed properly, commercials can be a truly beautiful art form. It takes a lot of imagination, time, and hard work but in the end something really cool is produced. The ad may not sell hair styling products, but it carries an immensely important aesthetic value that will be appreciated by many.