Tuesday, September 9, 2008

iPod Nano and Touch Ads from Apple's Let's Rock!

This ad is a fun little commercial, displaying all of the colors of the new iPod. It is called nano-chromatic. The name of the song is "Bruises" by Chairlift.

This spot for the new iPod Touch looks like the iPhone commercials. The tag line is "The funnest iPod ever." The name of the song is "Around the Bend" by the Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

(Click on the videos to watch them in a higher quality definition at Youtube.)

I've been keeping up with a liveblog (the most fascinating nerd sport in the world) broadcasting straight from Apple's "Let's Rock" convention. They're announcing a whole new line of iPod Nanos, as well as a new iTunes (8.0), new iPod Shuffles, and also the new iPod Touch.

Super excited that Apple has finally abandoned the silhouette campaign! (I hope!) This company has the potential for some great spots, and it's a shame to waste every iPod commercial on snazzy editing of an unseen dancing ghost coupled with the next soon-to-be top 40 artist. Even though those are still awesome.