Monday, October 20, 2008

Channel Surfing: New Pepsi Logo

This segment features specialty marketing that may go beyond the usual limits of this blog.

Well, there it is. Surprising eh? I can't believe Pepsi is abandoning such a well known brand icon. Already people are voicing their opinion about the face lift...

The new logo is just a small part of PepsiCo's $1.2 Billion attempt to try and get back some drinkers who have drifted to the Coke side of life. Over the course of three years, Pepsi hopes to increase their market share with new packaging, merchandising, and advertising.

So why the new logo? Is Pepsi trying to tell us something about who they want for president, or which airline they prefer? No, apparently the white band is supposed to be a smile. Other brands will also be getting remodeled as happy mouth shapes: Diet Pepsi will be a grin and Pepsi Max will be a laugh. Also, Mountain Dew will become Mtn Dew. Srsly.

They claim that Coke is not the culprit, but the bad economy. People have stopped buying carbonated soft drinks, and they hope the change can bring back drinkers. Unfortunately, the move also comes with a 3,000 person job cut, and six plants will be shut down.

Note: All of these images have been stolen from the internet, and are in no way mine.


Pedro Rocha said...

:) very funny pics...

Why change a logo if it does note represent a change in the product, the attitude or the business model?

My take on this one:


Pedro Rocha