Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple Strikes Back

With the Seinfeld spots and Microsoft's new attempts with advertising Windows, Apple has released two new commercials. Here's the first one, called "The V Word":

And the next one is probably going to be more effective, titled "The Beancounter":

I can hear Bill Gates' shrieks of pain from here.

It seems that this little battle between the two computer giants always ends in the same way; with the victor smirking beneath their white background and playful melodies. Now, I am a proud PC user. I enjoy the bickering between the brands, but I will not take sides. It's like two opposite viewpoints: neither is "right", neither is "better", it's what you prefer.

These ads can also be related to the presidential campaigns. As the race gets more intense, parties resort to negative smear campaigns, and I bet it won't be long before Microsoft takes the low road as well. So far, they have focused on themselves and simply defended their case, but this ugly sport can no longer sustain civil communication... The fighting will escalate until ridiculous things happen: a Gates vs. Jobs wrestling match, an online civil war between the operating systems, mass virtual havoc! Until, of course, Google launches their line of computers/OS's and they take over the world. THE END.