Sunday, July 27, 2008

iPhone 3G

I love me some Apple commercials. They usually take a simple but original approach and keep putting a new touch on it until the next line of product roles out and the cycle starts anew. The iPod franchise has seen several silhouette-on-color ads, constantly transforming into something flashier and more appealing to the masses. The same principle is true for their computer ads. Think about it, how many times have you seen Mac diss PC over his lack of artsy software?

With the new iPhone coming out, I was excited to see how the new TV ads would take shape. I expected a similar setup: An average person faced with a problematic situation, who is delighted to inform us how their iPhone saved the day (in a totally non-prententious way, of course). Instead, what I found was something fresh and unexpected:

Click here to watch

Unaware of what I was witnessing as I no doubt waited for some filthy reality show to come back on, the claim of "the first phone to beat the iPhone" really caught my attention. The style of the commercial resembled something along the lines of Verizon or T-Mobile. I was eager to find out what phone could possibly trump the holy grail of cellular devices, only to discover that it had been an Apple commercial in disguise.

Once the device emerged from its futuristic cradle and exposed itself to breathless tech geeks across the world, I realized that I had been fooled. A new iPhone. It's one of those commercials that catches you the first time you see it, and sometimes that's enough. Unfortunately, even the best advertising in the world can't convince me to crank out hundred dollar monthly service plans.

Apple has released three more iPhone 3G ads that follow the more familiar structure: white background, upbeat music, flawless technology, and a friendly voiceover. Simple. Brilliant? I'll let you decide.