Thursday, July 17, 2008

Geico Commercial features Mrs. Butterworth!

Geico has achieved advertising feats in the past with their 15 minutes or less, caveman, and gecko campaigns, and it looks as though they're about to take the cake once again by using product placement in -- a TV ad?

Never before have I seen a product advertised in conjunction with a completely unrelated service. Responsible for the ad is the well versed Martin Agency, who have kicked the advertising game up a notch. Again.

Last year, ABC execs thought The Martin Agency's Geico caveman commercials were so funny that they warranted a prime time comedy show. Even though the sitcom was canceled due to dismal ratings, it was still the first time any commercial had been turned into a TV show.

So what's up with Mrs. Butterworth? Will she get a bad rap for making a cameo on someone else's commercial, making it look like she was desperate for the appearance? Here's what she has to say, from her website:

"In 1961, I made my TV debut. Frankly, I was nervous. I wanted to delight children with my tasty syrup, but I didn't know how."

Hmm... perhaps sticky Sally, still nervous about her television appearances, figured piggybacking on Geico's advertising victories could score her one against Aunt Jemima. A smart move indeed.

"Also, look for my starring role in the feature film "Food Fight." coming soon!"

Wow, that was a shameless plug if I've ever seen one. It's a good thing you're so thick, rich, and sweet!